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"If you look to the left at these artists, it's a heavenly mix. The gamut was covered with young singer Sami Staitman all the way up to seasoned pros Norm Lewis, Emily Skinner, Jason Graae,...

Highlights of the 90 minute set, included: Staitman's rousing  "Where the Boys Are"..."

- Don Grigware

"What a great show. Kudos to Sami Staitman for a kick-butt version of "Where the Boys Are." All aces."

- John Griffin

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"...There’s wide-eyed Anna Kearns, played with heart, sincerity, and a soaring melodious talent

by real-life college student Sami Staitman."

   OnStageBlog (Off Broadway Review) Oct 2019

"...Sami Staitman has a bright future..."

ShowScores Oct 2019

2015 Robby Award Nominee


"Welcome to My World is One-Girl Wonderful!

Ms. Staitman carries off fourteen songs, fourteen monologues -

the result is a tour-de-force performance.

What a stupendous voice this gal has!"
Leo Buck - Bucking Trends


"A hilarious, touching and entertaining night at the theater. Young Staitman, a blend of Kristin Chenoweth and Reese Witherspoon, possesses enormous charisma and great talent,

her strong voice giving emotional heart to the songs.."
Mary Mallory - The Tolucan Times


The young Sami Staitman takes command of the stage like a seasoned professional. Her strong mezzo-soprano voice and belt abilities are certainly showcased and put to the test as she sings Kimmel’s challenging and taxing score with ease. With so much to do and so much to say Staitman is able to spit out every word, and complete every cue all without missing a beat.  

Ryan Luevano - Tin Pan Alley


 "(Staitman) completely captivates and charms her audience - Staitman's poise and lovely voice really sell the musical numbers. Mr. Kimmel, Mr. Potts and especially Ms. Staitman should be very proud of their work here."

Rob Stevens - Now Playing


“Kimmel's top notch melodic score and wonderfully frank dialogue intrinsically fits into Sami Staitman's dynamically pure and honest portrayal of ‘Molly’, a socially conscious fourteen-year-old who sees things more clearly than most young ladies twice her age.” 

  State of the Arts / LA Talk Radio 


2015 BroadwayWorld Nominee BEST MUSICAL

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