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My First Stage Production
Little Shop Of Horrors  (Age 4)
I'm the smallest one in the middle.

Sami IMG_2837.jpg

My First Headshot


Annie @ Pioneer Theater
Earning My Equity Card at Age 11

About ME

How it Started:

I was always the annoying little sister, never allowing my two older siblings to do anything without me. One summer my mom signed my brother and sister up for musical theater camp. At last, they'd be on their own without me. And at the age of 4, I was way too young to go. But as fate would have it, I begged and pleaded with my mom and she called the Director to ask if I could audition. The Director was so impressed that I could listen, sit still and follow directions that I was cast in "Little Shop of Horrors". My breakout role was that of "Plant Cutting #1" complete with a solo singing line while walking out of the mouth of Audrey ll! I came out on that stage, and people laughed and applauded and I loved every minute of it!  I was bitten by the bug and so began my lifelong love with theater and the whole entertainment industry.  (When you're raised in LA, that's just what you do!)

How it's Going:

I currently live & work in NYC, but my family still lives in LA, so I am back and forth a lot.  I love the heartbeat and vibrancy of NYC, biking everywhere in the city, thrifting, discovering new restaurants, spending time with my friends and witnessing the magic of the seasons. (Back home we just have one season all year round - it's called Sunny!)  I equally love my hometown back in Cali, the sun, the beach (only 20 minutes away), driving through the canyons and along the coast with my radio blaring, singing at the top of my lungs with the windows down, the total lack of humidity, my family, my friends, my 2 dogs and my room, which we commonly refer to as "the room under the stairs" even though we have no stairs. (IYKYK) Ask  me later.


I am adept in conversational ASL (American Sign Language) and I'm certified in hand to hand combat...on stage. I can twirl, spin and climb sky high as an aerialist on the silk hammocks, I play a mean left handed ukulele and I'm quickly learning guitar via lessons on YouTube. I'm a gamer  (Valorant is my personal fav) on TwitchTV look me up @SomeCallMeSami and I love painting, going to the gym and cooking. Among my unique abilities, I can talk and sing really, really, really fast!

My dad, who is an amazing chef, taught me everything I know in the kitchen. If you bribe me with Sour Gummies and Flamin' Hot Cheeto Puffs (next to impossible to find in NYC)  I just might cook for you.

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