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My First Stage Production
Little Shop Of Horrors  (Age 4)
I'm the smallest one in the middle.

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My First Headshot


Annie @ Pioneer Theater
Earning My Equity Card at Age 11

About ME

How it Started:

One summer my mom signed my older brother and sister up for musical theater day camp. At last, they'd be on their own without me tagging along, as I was way too young to go. But as fate would have it, I begged and pleaded with my mom to go and she called the Camp Director to ask if I could audition. So I did. The Director was so impressed that I could listen, sit still and follow directions that I was cast in "Little Shop of Horrors". My breakout role was that of "Plant Cutting #1" complete with a solo singing line while walking out of the mouth of Audrey ll! (Yes, there is a video) As I came out on that stage and all the people in the audience laughed and applauded and I just loved every minute of it!  So began my lifelong love with theater and the whole entertainment industry. 

How it's Going:

I currently live & work in NYC, but my family lives in LA, so I am back and forth a lot.  I love the heartbeat and vibrancy of NYC, biking everywhere, thrifting vintage clothes, discovering new restaurants, spending time with my friends and witnessing the magic of the seasons. I equally love my hometown back in California, especially the beach, the endless warm sunny days, my friends, my family and my 2 sweet dogs, Bear & Shiloh.


I am adept in conversational ASL (American Sign Language) and I'm certified in hand to hand combat. I play a mean left handed ukulele and I'm quickly learning guitar via lessons on YouTube. I'm a gamer  (Valorant is my personal fav) on TwitchTV - So look me up @SomeCallMeSami. I love painting, going to the gym and cooking. My dad, who is an amazing chef, and taught me everything I know in the kitchen.  And among my unique abilities, I can talk and sing really, really, really fast!

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