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About Sami

Los Angeles raised Sami Staitman has been performing in musicals since she was 4 and acting professionally by 8. (Isn't that what everyone does in LA?)


Sami, being the youngest of 3 children, naturally wanted to do whatever her sister and brother were doing. So this one summer, they were going to musical theater camp. Being so young (age 5) she had to show the camp director that she could listen and follow instructions, which she did. She auditioned for "Little Shop of Horrors" and was cast in the ensemble with her breakout moment being a plant cutting complete with a solo singing line! (and yes...there is video) So began her lifelong love with the theater.

Sami currently lives & works in NYC, but she is truly bi-coastal as she has homes in both LA and NYC and often travels between the two. She's a Cali girl who loves her hometown, her family, her two dogs, her friends, the California sunshine and the beach. She's equally drawn to the heartbeat and vibrance of NYC where she's lived for the last 5 years. 


Sami just finished filming a new Prime Musical Series in both NYC and LA where she is a series regular and the title character.  Look for this incredible series filled with all original songs and content coming late Spring 2023.


Sami is adept in conversational ASL (American Sign Language) and is certified in hand to hand combat...on stage. She plays a mean left handed ukulele, loves to paint and among her unique abilities, she can talk and sing really, really, really fast! Sami is a fantastic cook (which she get's from her Dad and definitely not from her Mom)  and she's in the process of starting a new Gaming Channel. Get all the exciting news by subscribing below.

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